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Built as CCF4-548

• Shipped to Liverpool 1953
• Flown by RAF pilots in USAF markings as 534629 for a few weeks
• Delivered to USAFE at Landsberg am Lech in Germany
• Transferred to Luftwaffe September 1956
• Used by Flugzeugfuhrerschule A coded AA+055 until 1958
• Transferred to FIKdo TSLw 1 (Flugkommando der Technischen Schule der Luftwaffe 1) at Kaufberencoded BF-055for GCI/GCA practice for Air Traffic Controllers.
• Transferred to Portuguese Air Force on 25th September 1964 and serialled 1741
• Assigned to AB5 at Nampula as counter insurgency aircraft
• During time with AB5 detached to AM51 (Mueda) AM is a satellite base for operations.
• Assigned to AB6 at Nova Freixo during 1967
• During time with AB6 detached to AM61 (Vita Cabral)
• Suffered a belly landing on 1st August 1967. Further damage (propeller) from a hard landing two years later
• Withdrawn from service in 1973 and abandoned at Maputo Airport
• 1989 bought by Brian Zeederburg and Ian Popplewell
• Sold on to Andrew Edie and John Woodhouse at Thruxton

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13th May 2015 - Phil Earthey This is how HRVD looked before going into storage prior to our purchasing her. No work carried out since, but looking to kick off progress on her shortly.

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G-HRVD as FAP 1741 - Location unknown at this time

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