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Mini Ipad Knee board - £69.99 Free postage in the UK....... £10 extra for world wide shipping

Mini Ipad Knee Board
Ideal for any one who needs the Ipad on the move - Perfect for
  • Aviators
  • Rally drivers
  • sailors
  • Military applications

Tested in the T-6 Harvard where office space is minimal... With a back ground in parachute rigging, I over engineer everything like a Tonka Toy! Made of none slip vulcanised webbing and military grade material.. Rigged to parachute standards and built to last..ideal for the aerobatic pilot as the iPad will not come off under G loads..
The iPad is covered by a transparent talc that allows the user the touch screen sensitivity.. This is my 4th and final attempt and I'm super happy with the final product.. The mini Ipad knee board.. Hand made in the UK

  • Excellent touch sensitivity through the clear plastic screen protector
  • Tough military grade material
  • Stitched with parachute grade thread
  • All ports for charging etc accessible
  • military grade adjustable leg straps with just enough elasticity
  • Hard backed and lined with none slip rubber for the thigh

One colour - Desert!


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